About Us

Vape Colorado is just over 7 years old, opening up in March of 2015 in lovely Downtown Fort Collins, Colorado. They are locally owned and operated, as well as a black owned business! Their number one goal is to usher people away from smoking cigarettes with vaping and start them down a path towards quitting nicotine altogether. With a wide selection of juice flavors, strength, and types, there’s always going to be the right product for the right person. Along that new journey, they have an excellent and knowledgable staff ready to help with whatever needs customers have! Feel free to come in, say hi, and ask whatever questions you might have; Vape Co is ready!When Abe originally opened the shop in 2015, his goal was to educate his friends and family about the benefits of vaping over smoking cigarettes. At the time (and even now), there was a lot of controversy around how vaping can damage your lungs worse than smoking cigars, cigarettes, or any other form of traditional tobacco smoking, and whether or not it was a safer alternative. Abe’s job was to inform people of the misinformation surrounding vaping, and show them how they could set every part up themselves, from building their modded vaporizer, to making their own coils, and even instructions on how to make home made juice if the user has the time and energy for it. The best part; Abe and his team are still doing that today!Vaping is a growing culture, and dispite the new restrictions within the industry, it still shows the proper safety procautions being taken,  core values being upheld, and better education for the users to understand what the process is.

Picture of Owner Abe


Abe has been vaping for over 10 years, dating back to when it was just infancy. In March of 2015, Abe decided to change the game and open his own shop. “I was inspired by the new evolving technology, with the idea of helping people to quit smoking cigarettes and the chance to create some independence for my newly forming family.” Fun fact about Abe is that he has a massive passion for exotic house plants. “I would love to deal with weird and tropical plants as a passion project one day.” Currently living in Georgia, Abe is not only running his shop from afar, but also has plans to open up new shops around the country as time progresses! Keep an eye on the website’s update section to see the new additions to what’s happening in their world.



Cazzmin started at Vape Colorado around 2018, after moving from shop to shop trying to fit in just as a customer. “I was smoking cigarettes in highschool, and after a good scolding from my mother I decided to drop them for vaping as a safer alternative. When I came of age in 2017, I decided I never wanted to smell like cigs again.” He tried numerous different vape shops while discovering this new alternative to smoking, and felt excluded from all of these “cool kids clubs.” He finally met Abe and stumbled upon Vape Colorado. Not only did he find a new community to be a part of, he found a job there, and really distanced himself from cigarettes.
“Outside of work, I like being competitive; I enjoy fighting game tournaments (Smash Ultimate mostly) and play games of S.K.A.T.E with friends. All of this, of course when I’m not busy with school work.

Picture of Associate Cazzmin
Picture of Associate Harmony


Harmony has been working at the Vape Shop for a few weeks now. She’s the newest edition to the team, with a courageous smile and fun loving attitude to help! “I started vaping in high school because I wasn’t hanging out with the right crowd, and wanted to get out of smoking cigarettes. It’s by far one of the best choices I’ve made for myself, not only for my health but for how people perceive me every day.” With a brave sense of enthusiasm, she is ready to help new customers on their way to bettering themselves similar to how she helped herself!