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Small fragment of our Disposable Selection!

These are the disposables we here at Vape Colorado have take the liberty to review! Hopefully one day we can review all of them to help you figure out what the best disposable for you is, but until then please enjoy these and let us know any feedback you might have!


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Welcome back yet again to this weeks review of a brand new item! We are now looking at the Fire XL lineup! Let’s get into it.

Mmm, Blue Razz. You’d think it’s a blue raspberry flavor, right? Well, you’d be correct! This very much inherits any blue raspberry flavored anything I’ve had before, with just a hint of menthol in the back of your throat. It’s very smooth, which is nice, but the flavor seems to start fading as the battery starts dying. Not in a, “the flavor is gone but it’s still menthol” kind of way, but more of a “holy smokes this kinda taste like cotton. Better charge it,” kind of ordeal. It’s a tasty vape, but I question the overall device for the Blue Razz, Fire XL. But let’s get into that with the specs! This lineup has 13 flavors to it’s name so far, with 11 of them being carried at VapeCo today!

I straight up snagged this image from Quick Clouds. Per the Fair Use Act, I am referencing and directing you to their site, and am in full compliance with the accord.


Now the specs for these devices were a bit hard to find, seeing as how they’re brand new and not a lot of information has been posted about them. Fire Vaporz has a few other brands, such as Fire Float, Fire 5K, and Fire Float 0% nicotine, but not much on the new XL. They are 6000 puffs, and have a USB-C charging port (but do not come with a charger). According to Cazzmin, these devices have a brand new type of battery that is just pure lithium (whatever that means). He also says that they have a super mesh coil, allowing for the juice to burn more even (probably why it tastes like cotton when it starts to die) and the coil also allows for a safer charge cycle. I’m honestly not sure how accurate all of this is, but due to the nature of the devices, and lac of information that they seem to have on them online, it’s the best we’ve got for now.

I do have to say, idk if it’s the one I got or if they’re all like this, but mine has died only a week in. We received the devices last Friday, and mine is already charred. Could be the new battery, could be the coil, but something died in this and it killed the device as a whole. For that, I would give this an overall rating of 4/10. Yes, the flavor is nice, but unfortunately the cons outweigh the pros. There is barely ANY information about this lineup online, there is something killing the device way too quick, and the general idea of it seems stolen from ElfBar. The Blue Razz is right on the money, but the rest unfortunately fails for me.

But that’s my opinion! They’re very inexpensive, we are the only shop nearby that carries them, and I would love to hear what you think. Let us know in the comments below, if you’ve tried them, if you love them, and any more information about the device that you might have!

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