Grappleberry Ice, by SWFT

Grape Appleberry

Now let me start off with, this isn’t technically and Ice, but boy is it fucking great. I’ve been a SWFT Stan for awhile now, and this just further solidifies it. There are ups, there are downs, but overall this device swiftly kicks the competitions ass! (See what I did there?)

SWFT Caution Card

Let’s start off with the elephant in the room- SWFT, vs Swift. We here at Lilywhite Solutions, are dummies. The name is, and has always been SWFT. There’s never been an ‘I’ in the name, but we were adding one because we apparently can’t read. So that’s fun lol.

Now, regarding the actual device. Holy smokes, this thing is great! The flavor profile is on par with that of the Juice Head items, and reminds me of the Grape Ice that we reviewed a while back, and that was smoooooooth. The main flavors to hit my pallet include the grape, and a green apple. Under that apple though, there’s a berry of some kind, whether blue or rasp or straw, some sort of berry sneaking in. There’s also a menthol, which is present in most SWFT mods but it’s not heavy. This device is genuinely smooth, unless you overcharge it…

Now, before we get to the specs, there’s an interesting thing here that SWFT has done that I haven’t seen in their previous disposables, or in any other disposable for that matter- they included an instruction card (right), which is a bit odd but neat. The card talks about temperature control and overcharging, which begs the question: why? Well, I’m not sure if they changed batteries, changed charging ports, or what but there is something new here. One thing I noticed, which was a huge downside for me, was the fact that if you “overcharge it” (charging it after the charge light has gone off), the flavor leaves. The best way I can think to describe it, is a menthol mush. I’m not sure what happens, but it changes everything about the vape in such a negative way. The worst part is you have to sit there and chug through it before it’ll get back to normal.

Anyways… Specs!

So, upon further inspection I found out what’s changed. I’m 90% sure it’s a change in battery type. It’s still a 400mAh battery, but when researching SWFT’s tools used to create the devices I found that they recently switched battery providers to a cheaper, more sustainable battery. The issue with this is that the battery doesn’t have a capacitor to stop the charge aside from the light turning off, so you could legitimately fry your battery by overcharging it. The rest of the specs seems pretty normal, having a 15ML juice capacity, ~5000 puff count, mesh coil and a 5% Nic Salt. It is Micro USB which is still a bit behind the times, and does not come with a cable, but at least you get this cool little card!

Honestly, this vape overall is an 8/10. It’s a new flavor, which I personally think they aced and really outdid themselves with, but I hate that the batteries are different and that they have to include a warning card to make sure you don’t wreck yourself when charging. SWFT has always been my go-to brand, and after this I think they’ll stay that way. Their devices are always reliable, they have a massive flavor selection, and still manage to be competitive price wise. Also, yes I wrote this at 3am, sleep is for the weak.

But as always, let us know what you think in the comments! These devices are always up for interpretation, and I love having the conversations with folks seeing the enjoyability of each. And if you’re curious to learn more about SWFT (not SWIFT), check out their site! And as always, see you next week!

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