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These are the disposables we here at Vape Colorado have take the liberty to review! Hopefully one day we can review all of them to help you figure out what the best disposable for you is, but until then please enjoy these and let us know any feedback you might have!


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This week I’ve decided to torture myself by getting an Icy Mint EscoBar (Esco and Fruitita), and a Spearmint by Esco! The brainfreeze’s have been agonizing, so I hope you enjoy these reviews!

Icy Mint
Icy Mint

Remember way back a few posts ago, when I reviewed the Clear, by ElfBar? So, there’s a similar idea here. This device has a base taste, but after a while of hitting it I’ve noticed something slightly different. It’s a cool mint flavor, but blue. Weird, right? You might be asking yourself, “Van you crazy guy, how the heck can you taste a color only perceived by most mammals?” Well, lets me tell you! Referencing a study conducted in 1980 and published in the Journal of Food Science, 45:1393-1399, 1415, 1980, when subjects were able to see the “correct” color of the drinks they were tasting they were always able to identify the drink correctly. But when they couldn’t, they made mistakes based on the boldness of the flavor. For example, subjects that tasted grape but could not see it were right about the flavor 70% of the time, while subjects who tasted lemon lime in an orange flavored drink were only right 20% of the time. The reason why this is important ties into color theory. Because the overall appearance of the device is teal, and tastes as a “cool mint,” or Icy Mint, it leads me to believe the color of the taste has more of a blueish hue to it. The same tactic was used with 5 Gum back when they were relevant.


The specs on this device are the same as the previous review for Spearmint; the device is roughly 2500 puffs, non rechargeable, and has 6mL of juice hidden within it. Surprisingly enough, the battery is 1,000mAh, meaning it’s larger than all of the rechargeable devices we’ve reviewed. It also has a 5% nicotine level, with a mesh coil!

All in all, this is a nice minty device. It’s got a cool, blue mint flavor to it. Asking around, to further support my claim earlier, folks are relating Spearmint to green, Icy Mint to Blue, and basic mint to a basic mint color. I’d give this device a 8/10, just like the spearmint. It’s a basic icy mint flavor, I can’t stress that enough. And it does really well at being just that!

Now, as mentioned in the other review, I will be taking next week off so go check out the spearmint review in the meantime! It’s also good at being what it’s meant to be!

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