Juicy Peach, Lost Mary!


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These are the disposables we here at Vape Colorado have take the liberty to review! Hopefully one day we can review all of them to help you figure out what the best disposable for you is, but until then please enjoy these and let us know any feedback you might have!


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Welcome back! We’re doing another Lost Mary device, the BRAND NEW lineup from ElfBar we have in! This time we’ve got Juicy Peach!

Hey hey! With our new lineup, means new flavors and new reviews! Huzzah, I get to keep my job. Well, you heard it here with the Grape Lost Mary review, so lets dive right into it! So to start, the package smells overly peachy when you open it. Cool ass box, but very heavy on the peach. But when you hit it, you get the peach right on your tongue and a slight mint in the back of your throat. (Editors note: I had a goddamn stroke when typing the word “tongue.” I am a biomedical student and I couldn’t realize how it was spelt, and furthermore am STILL struggling to pronounce it. Go ahead, say it. Tongue. Tongue. I say it like “tun-gue,” but that’s wrong? Apparently the g is damn-near silent? How does that make any freaking sense? It doesn’t, and now I’m mad. My girlfriend is now mad at me about this.) It reminds me of the old juicy peach rings you’d get at the gas station in high school because they were cheap, kind of sour, but super sweet. Mmmmm, those were good.


Juicy Peach Lost Mary Vape – Mi-One Brands
Juicy Peach!

These specs are just like that of the Grape review we did, but I’ll restate them for y’all just to simplify things. It has a weirdly large body, partially because it’s trying to be new, and modern, partially because the OS lineup has a new 650mAh battery. This batter functions the same, but has a built in processor to recognize when it’s fully charged. Unfortunately, it does not come with a charging cable but it comes with a neat little rubber plug on the newly placed charge port, on top of the device for whatever reason. It also has the basic mesh coil, with 13mL of juice and around ~5000 hits. Overall the device functions fine with the additions it has, it’s just awfully bulky for no apparent reason outside of stylistic.

Drumroll please…

And we are giving it a 8/10! Generally, this is a rad device. It’s better than the BC series of Elf Bars that we’re use to, but it stops at an 8 because of the body design. It’s just too bulky to move past unfortunately, and my tiny hands aren’t appreciative of that.

Anyways, thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to go check out the grape device! It’s similar to this, but grape! And we’ll see you next week with 2 more choices!

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