Spearmint, by Esco!


Small fragment of our Disposable Selection!

These are the disposables we here at Vape Colorado have take the liberty to review! Hopefully one day we can review all of them to help you figure out what the best disposable for you is, but until then please enjoy these and let us know any feedback you might have!


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This week I’ve decided to torture myself by getting a Spearmint EscoBar, and a Icy Mint EscoBar (Esco and Fruitita)! The brainfreeze’s have been agonizing, so I hope you enjoy these reviews!

Stolen from VapeWH

There’s not much to talk about with this one, flavor wise. It’s Spearmint. I’m not frankly sure what else to say about it. It’s reminiscent of gum, and toothpaste. Surprisingly, compared to the Icy Mint from Esco, it’s definitely stronger. Yea, it’s a basic spearmint stick! If you’re spooked to try something that’s so heavy on Mint, just drink a cup of spearmint herbal tea. There comparable.


Now the specs on these suckers are a little different from most of the devices we review. For example, the 5000+ hit devices come with USB Micro or type C charging ports, but this one has none of that. It has a total of 2500 puffs, non-rechargeable, and holds 6mL of juice. The flavor is just Spearmint, but there are HUNDREDS of flavors in this lineup with these devices.

I know this is a short review, but there’s not too much to say here. It’s a tasty Spearmint Bar, and that’s about it! I give it a 8/10, because it holds up with exactly what it says to be, nothing more, nothing less! And yes, I did steal this image to my right from VapeWH. Now go check out our review on the Icy Mint from ESCO!

Also, we will be taking next week off. But stay tuned, because when we come back it’s going to be littttttt!

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