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Welcome back for the Winter Review of Summertime! It’s a pretty rad device for an ElfBar, and even more fun to review when it’s 12 degrees out.

Summertime, by ElfBar!

Let’s start with the flavor profile, as always. When you open the package, it almost instantly hits you with a fruit melody, with a heavy strawberry scent. Unlike other ElfBar’s I’ve tried, this one seems to match the flavor with the scent. When you hit it, you receive a smooth Strawberry and Lime taste that just lingers in your mouth and throat. As you continue to hit it, it does migrate more to the lime flavor above the others. And you want to hear the surprising thing? According to this less reputable site, the flavor profile is supposed to have Lemon and Kiwi, and no lime. Yet, there is no lemon..? Have you ever had the Monster Bar MAX? It tastes very similar, without the sour aspect. It’s much sweeter than I expected, and sweeter than any Strawberry Lime I’ve had juice wise as well.

Now, lets get Speccy with it!

The Spec’s are comparable with any other device in the BC5000 lineup Elf offers (and that we’ve reviewed), but I’ll still mention the big ones. It has a ~5000 puff count, 13mL juice container, and nicotine level at 50mg. It is USB-C, and does not come with a charger, but unlike the SWFT Grappleberry, it actually stops charging when it’s full! Crazy, right? This one also didn’t leak in the packaging when I opened it, and it tastes pretty great, so I’ll consider it part of the 75% of ElfBars that are bunked.

All in all, this suckers gets a 8/10 from me. It was tasty, it’s got a substantial backing (every college student I’ve met wants or has one), and it seems to be well put together. It’s also a cozy vape to sit and enjoy while studying, working, or just watching the snow. But you decide for yourself! Come by and give it a try, and as always, let us know what you think!

Until next time! 🙂

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